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The Directors' Journal

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This community is for those of us interested in directing. Be it film or stage, cutting edge or tried and true. If you have a vision, this community is for you. Share your vision, ask for tips or feedback--we're all here for each other. It's a rough world for the arts out there, and we all need as much support as we can get. We're a world of different people, and different backgrounds make for a wonderful learning experience.

Please Note: I don't ask for much, but I do ask that all members be respectful of the others, and please don't spam post--you will be reported to abuse. Also, please keep other-community advertising within this one to a minimum; if you happen to know of or create a community with similar interests as this one then feel free, but I doubt most of us really care to see various fanlisting communities and the like.

Note about the maintainer: This community is maintained by littlelotte. She is a 23 year old college graduate from Michigan. She loves directing and would love to expand on her newfound knowledge and experience within the field.

Note about the icon: This icon is from a photo of littlelotte's very first directing experience with a phrase "borrowed" from bethofalltrades. Please don't take and use the image for your own, though feel free to make one with similar phrasing.